New Rule

A new rule has been issued by the CLRG for all regions and countries – it goes into effect on March 1, 2015  We would like to communicate this rule to everyone, especially those attending our feis in Lake Geneva.

IMPORTANT. Please note that ALL dancers Under 10 and the younger age groups in ANY category will NOT be permitted to wear ANY makeup, false eyelashes or face tanner for solos or teams.

This rule goes into effect March 1st and will be strictly enforced at ALL Feis’s and Major competitions.

Also in effect IMMEDIATELY all dancers need to be able to move their arms to shoulder height in all costumes, this is to comply with health and safety measures.

Lavin Cassidy Feis will be enforcing this rule.  Please adhere to the rule.  We will discreetly notify any parents of children u10 wearing makeup to please remove any makeup before dancing commences.  Please save yourself some time in the morning and don’t put the makeup on!