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The Eighth Annual Lavin-Cassidy Feis Feis Date Saturday, February 28th Feis Venue The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Member-North American Feis Commission; President-Pat Watkins. Member-Member of An Coimisiún Le Rince Gaelacha. Syllabus in compliance as required by IDTAMA, IDTANA, & NAFC.
The Lavin-Cassidy Feis Sponsored By: The Lavin-Cassidy Parent’s Club In association with the Lavin-Cassidy School of Irish Dance Feis Co-Chairs: Tara Ross & Ann Lavin-Cassidy, ADCRG, TCRG Feis Registrar: Carolyn Farrell LCPC Parent Board: President, Bridget Rickert Secretary, Cheryl Hoban Treasurer, Sheila McInerney
The Top 10 Reasons For Attending The Lavin-Cassidy Feis? 10. Great Venue With Numerous Concession Areas 9. Phenomenal Rate At One Of The Midwest’s Premier Hotels 8. 20,000 Sf Water Park & Plenty Of Family Fun 7. Several Out Of Area Adjudicators & Fantastic Musicians 6. Staggered & Pre-announced Stage Start Times 5. Generous Placements In Grade Awards 4. Great Awards To Championship Dancers 3. Teddy Bears Awarded To All First Feis Dancers 2. Sashes Awarded To The Top Prelim & Champ Dancers 1. The Feis That Offers Something For Everyone!

7th Annual Lavin-Cassidy Feis, Sponsored by the Lavin-Cassidy Parent's Club register at www.FeisWorx.com

"Experience the Lavin-Cassidy Feis...experience the grand geneva...it will be like no other feising experience."